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Monday, February 18, 2008

Bush Eliminates Technical Education Funds to Fund No Child Left Behind

The budget the Bush Administration submitted to Congress earlier this month eliminates all Carl T. Perkins funding for Technical Education and uses it for No Child Left Behind. Read more about cut at ACTEonline Here is another link to an article about how this will affect a Texas school.

If you're involved with education I'm sure you're aware of the problems with No Child Left Behind. All teacher are able to teach anymore is "the test." Now how educational is it to teach someone how to take a test? I think teachers need the freedom to teach their students real education and how to survive in the real world. What do you think..?

What does this mean for the Automotive and Collision Repair industries? I don't think I need to spell it out, as shop managers and owners are already having a difficult time finding properly trained technicians. If this budget goes through, it may directly affect many of the automotive and collision repair programs in the US. If you're currently having a hard time finding qualified employees, just wait, it's going to get a lot harder.

Are you up for this challenge? I don't know what the answer is, but I invite you to be heard by offering your thoughts, opinions, ideas, or solutions by joining us at http://www.autocollisionnetwork.com/ or commenting on this blog.

Your Thoughts Please?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

BCC Student Meets the Orange County Chopper Folks

Devin Olson, a student in the Collision Repair program at Butler Community College had the opportunity to meet the folks from Orange County Choppers in Wichita, Kansas. Paul Sr., Paul Jr., and Mikey came to Wichita Wednesday, February 6, 2008 to unveil the chopper they build for Viega, a Kansas based company that makes heating and plumbing supplies. The unveil will be taped to air on an upcoming episode of American Chopper on TLC.

Devin is no stranger to legendary bike builders as his grandfather and great grandfather have built many extraordinary motorcycles through the years. Devin's great grandfather, Herb Ottaway, started working on motorcycles at the age of 12. Herb and his son, Jerry Ottaway, are well known for their collection of over 80 motorcycles they've restored and collected through the years. They have sold motorcycle engines to well known builders like Jesse James from West Coast Choppers.

In addition to motorcycles, they are also well know for designing and building steam engines. Jerry has built steam engines for, and developed a friendship with car collector, Jay Leno. He also designed steam engine trains for several amusement parks. Learn more about Herb and Jerry.

Devin is following in their footsteps by learning all he can about repairing cars. He is currently a student at Butler Community College and plans to obtain an associates degree in Collision Repair.