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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Free Collision Repair Training





Donnie Smith here and I would like to invite you to join me on this training journey. I have spent my life working on cars and would like to share what I have learned with you for FREE. Why for free? Simply because I truly believe that people reap what they sow and this is my way of giving back.

My passion for working on cars started when I was a kid. I helped my dad and older brother work on cars as a hobby. In high school I enrolled in auto shop and painted my first car. After stepping back and seeing the finished product, I knew that I was hooked for life. After graduating high school I attended the collision repair program at WyoTech. Since then I have worked for body shops and a body tech, paint tech, and an estimator. I have managed and owned a body shop. For the past 6 years I have been teaching collision repair for an NATEF Accredited school that is also a member of the I-CAR Industry Training Alliance. I stay up-to-date with the collision repair industry by attending training on a continuing basis, I am a member of ASA and the facilitator for the Educators Group on Collision Hub.

I am not bragging with all of my qualifications as I will be the first to admit that I do not know it all. I still learn everyday in this fast-paced industry. However, I do qualify to teach and I may be able to help you out if your interested in collision repair and painting.


I am ready to share with you many of the tips, tricks, how-to’s, and resources. I also have many videos and resources of top trainers in both, professional and DIY to send you.

Here Are A Few Of My Qualifications:

*Graduated WyoTech in 1988 and Have Years Of Experience

* Associates Degree in Collision Repair and Management

* Obtaining a Degree in Professional Technical Education

* ASE Certified

* PPG Certified

* I-CAR Instructor Work Shop Certified

* Member of ASA

* Custom Paint Certificate From WyoTech

* Custom Metal Working Certificate from UTI

* Numerous Other Certificates in Collision Repair and Teaching

* Attend SEMA, NACE, VISION and Many Other Training Events

* Educator Group Facilitator on CollisionHub.com

*Technical Educator

So why am I willing to teach you for free when I get paid to do it for a college? Well, you’re probably interested in this for several reasons.

(1)You’re interested in collision repair as a career. If so, this will allow you to test the career pathway and determine if collision repair is a fit for you. If it is, I encourage you to further your education by enrolling in a college or technical school that provides collision repair. If you need help locating a NATEF accredited school in your area let me know. I have a list of all schools accredited throughout the US.

(2) You’re interested in this as a hobby (DIY). If so, I would like to give you a pat on the back and help you all that I can. Believe it or not, you play a crucial role in the industry. Without the DIY folks out there, there would not be any interest in the auto industries. Remember I said that I started working on cars with my dad and older brother as a kid? Well, we were just DIY people, which resulted in a collision repair career for me. I think there are many similar stories out there. I sincerely believe that it would improve any parent-child relationship. Your kids may not remember all of the TV shows or video games play growing up, but they will remember the times spent together working on a hobby, such as working on cars. Therefore, I want to give you all of the resources you need to make that happen. In return, you are providing interest and exposure to the collision repair career. It’s a win/win for everyone!

Whatever reason you want to learn auto body and paint, it’s here for FREE. I will be sending you videos, articles, and websites from myself and other professionals in the industry. You will learn body work, painting, estimating, airbrushing, custom paint, success training, and much more. All I need is a first name and e-mail address to send it to.