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Friday, January 11, 2008

Attention Auto Collision Repair Instructors

We're looking for a few auto body instructors to team-up with to collaborate and share ideas with.

As you know, academics at the secondary level are on the rise, resulting in less technical education programs, like ours, being offered. With less exposure of these type of programs is causing less students going into these types of careers.

Let's look at what results can be when we decide to work together. For thousands of years everyone did everything the same way. Basically, they provided for their own families. The results were pretty predictable. I guess with the exception of the weather. However, when people decided to team-up and work together, a revolution occurred. We've advanced more in the last 100 years, than we had from the beginning of time. Now, technology is changing daily.

My proposal is to team-up so we can come up with new proactive ways to present and attract potential students to this trade to. The collision industry is hurting for qualified technicians to work on these high-tech modern day vehicles. There are a lot of good programs to train them. We just need to get more students to train.

I invite you to team-up with us to create a revolution of teaching this trade to students. To support the collision industry and join our network visit www.LearnAutoBody.com From there you can click on the Automotive Blog Network to join. It's easy and it's free. We just ask for your expertize. Let's TEAM-UP and work together.

TEAM: Together Everyone Accomplishes More

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