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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Your Idea May Be Worth $10,000

Have you ever had an idea, but never pursued it? Maybe it was in the back of your mind until someone else invented a similar item and put it on the market. You never know what might work. For instance, I always think everything has already been thought of. However, people are coming up with more ideas now, than ever before.

Let's look at Myspace. It was already in existence, but that didn't discourage Mark Zuckerberg. While in college this young man in his early twenties decided design Facebook, which is now the second biggest network. Mark has been offered billions of dollars from companies like Goggle.

It's been said if you have an idea to get it out there. If you try to perfect first or procrastinate it will be outdated or on the market by the time you get it ready. If you have an idea get it out there and work out the details later.

Below is a website that awards $10,000 to the best idea every month. So if you have an idea give it a try. It may make you $10,000 richer by next month...Good Luck! CLICK HERE

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